Conceptual Study of Electrochemical based novel process using Lignosulfonates to produce bio-based monomers & polymers

SElectiveLi provides proof of concept on the laboratory scale to demonstrate the potential for converting low cost lignosulfonate feedstocks as a by-product from paper and pulp industry into high value biosustainable chemicals. Although potential source of numerable valuable compounds, only a minor fraction is exploited, mostly due to its challenging chemically robustness. Mastering that challenge with an electrochemical process opens the path to CO2-neutral plastics, green building blocks, flavourings and fragrances. SElectiveLi addresses these challenges to find solutions for a petrol-independent, sustainable bio-based industry in Europe.


By electrochemical treatment manifold usefuls chemical compounds can be obtained. Some of them can be used directly such as vanilline, others are used to produce drugs, chemicals with higher value and plastics for everyday application.